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Chalet Floralie, St Martin de Bellevile

Best for Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing, once you get the hang of it, takes you into secret corners of the Alps where ordinary hikers and downhill skiers simply can't penetrate.  It is particularly popular in the hidden-gem resort of Saint Martin de Belleville in the pristine Trois Vallées. 

A new snowshoe itinerary was added last season that links the authentic Savoyard village to Les Ménuires up the valley via several stunning snow-covered coombs.  You tie plastic tennis-racquet-shaped 'shoes' onto your feet to stop them sinking into the pillowy snow, and simply head off into deepest nature, leaving the noisy throngs on the ski slopes far behind.  It feels a little like what you'd imagine moonwalking would. 

At the end of the day, rest your weary limbs at the stunning Chalet Floralie, moments from the Saint Martin home run.  Expect super-stylish interiors, wonderfully warming food and crisp bedlinen.